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About Flexfurn

Never stand still. Our motto has remained intact for 25 years. Because we can't sit still and do not hide our ambition: to inspire the world with high-end furniture for every event, catering and business application. We grew with the market: from purely practical materials to exclusive design furniture. We merged functional with funky, united stackable with stylish, gave folding chairs comfortable class and made modular modern. We then brought everything together into our own unique, luxurious and sustainable product line. A 100% Belgian company with a passion for sales, innovation and design. That's Flexfurn!


We are not just a furniture company. No, we are the experts in stacking comfort, style and functionality. Our stackable furniture pieces are like a house of cards, but one that never collapses. Unless you go over the stacking limits of course. Why, do you ask? Because our furniture is designed to be stacked like a pro!

Our chairs and tables are like the Tetris blocks of the furniture world. They fit together perfectly. The best part? They are not only stackable, but also comfortable and stylish. We combine functionality with flair so that your event not only looks great, but feels great too.


In addition to being experts in stackable furniture, we are also pioneers in the field of folding furniture. Our folding chairs and tables are like the Houdinis of the furniture world. They open in the blink of an eye and transform themselves into full, elegant pieces of furniture. It's like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but with furniture!

The best part? Our folding furniture is not only practical, but also comfortable and stylish. They combine formidable functionality with the finesse of a magician.


For us, everything revolves around added value, because who doesn't want to get more out of their furniture? Imagine: you have a space that needs a makeover, or you are organizing an event with changing needs. You need furniture that is not only beautiful, but can also switch between different functions. That's where Flexfurn comes into action!

Our furniture is like Transformers, but without the Autobot secrets. They can adapt effortlessly to different situations. Our chairs can be transformed from a sofa to a lounge chair, and our tables can be transformed from a dining table to a standing table. Our furniture is not only practical, but also comfortable and stylish. We combine versatility with elegance so that your space not only looks great, but also functions perfectly.


Flexfurn are a leading expert in transport carts for our chairs and tables, we have years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality carts that simplify the logistics and storage of event furniture. A reliable partner that specializes in providing innovative solutions for the transport and storage of furniture in an efficient and safe manner.

For Flexfurn, a transport cart must include three essential functionalities: transport, storage but also protection of the products. Did you know that we've designed a transport cart for every product in our range? In addition, we are committed to developing universal transport carts in which different types of chairs and tables can be transported.

6000m² stock

Having an extensive stock in our warehouse is one of Flexfurn's strengths, and it demonstrates our commitment to meeting the needs of customers in the event, hospitality and project industries. We value helping customers quickly and efficiently, which is why we ensure that there is always sufficient stock of each piece of furniture available.

Fast delivery

In a world where convenience and speed are becoming increasingly important, the speed of delivery is a crucial point of attention for Flexfurn. The ability to get products and services to customers quickly makes us the ideal partner.

Our services

Flexfurn wants to offer added value for its customers and therefore develops solution-oriented products. We want to inspire and create magical moments.

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Financial solutions

We like to think along with our customers to find the right financial solutions for their company. Ask our sales department for more information about our lease contracts.

Visualization of your projects

How many tables and chairs fit in my room? What does my ideal setting look like? We can help you answer these and many other questions with our latest 3D software.

Flexfurn's Image Database

Looking for the right product image for your webshop or an inspiring photo for your catalog or project? Register an account or log in to our website and access our download center.

2000m² Showroom

You are very welcome in our showroom to view and feel the products yourself. You will be assisted by one of our expert employees. Feel free to contact us for an appointment.

Event, hospitality & contract furniture

Our history

In 1997, James Verbeeck founded Europa 2000 with his father Alex, a company that specialized in folding and stackable furniture. After building up a dealer network and a strong customer base in Belgium, the entrepreneurs quickly turned their eyes abroad in search of expansion opportunities. And with success. More than ten years later, Europa 2000 is one of the market leaders of folding and stackable furniture in Europe.

In 2007, this led to a merge with Lamata Contract Furniture in the UK, which further strengthened the common market position in Europe. Lamata has been a household name in the UK for over 40 years. By joining forces, Europa 2000 and Lamata have managed to grow into a stronger organization.

With Flexfurn we want to continue to supply our customers with the best products and the most suitable services and offer something more on top of that! We want to inspire you so that you can create magic for your customers.