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BE from € 2.500,00 : Franco

NL/FR/DE/LU from € 16.500,00 net: Franco

AT/CH from € 20.000,00 net: Franco

Goods free of charge: € price to be calculated per order

Additional costs for deliveries in the morning (8am - 11.30am) or afternoon (1pm - 5pm): € 40,00

Additional costs for deliveries at a certain time: € 75,00

Prices excl. VAT

  • Currency = € 
  • Non-stock orders: 50% prepayment net per item
  • We reserve the right to adjust our sales prices during the year due to wage, raw material and/or exchange rate changes
  1. All our quotations and sales are subject solely to the following conditions. These conditions are deemed to be known and approved by the customer. These terms and conditions always take precedence over the customer's general terms and conditions, even if they stipulate that they are the only ones that apply and even if Flexfurn accepts without reservation an order from the customer that refers to different purchase conditions.
  2. All our quotations are without obligation, subject to order confirmation.
  3. When the customer places an order, in addition to these general terms and conditions of sale, he naturally also accepts all technical characteristics of our products that he expressly acknowledges to know.
  4. Flexfurn only offers the quality guarantees stated in its catalogs and associated documentation.
  5. Flexfurn guarantees delivery true to sample with the express reservation for minor color and quality deviations.
  6. Color matching can only be guaranteed with a simultaneous order.
  7. The sizes and dimensions in the catalog and/or price list are “approximate” sizes. Smaller dimensional deviations as well as changes in shape and appearance of a model are possible and we expressly reserve the right to do so.
  8. Orders will only become final upon written order confirmation. Promises made by agents and/or representatives only bind our company subject to written acceptance by means of the order confirmation.
  9. The delivery times stated in price offers, order confirmations, etc. are indicative and indicate approximately the period within which the goods can leave our warehouses. These delivery times are respected as much as possible, but we are not liable for any unexpected delays. Consequently, late delivery will under no circumstances give rise to cancellation of the order and/or entitlement to any compensation.
  10. The goods are transported at the buyer's risk, unless expressly agreed otherwise.
  11. All deliveries are made according to the CMR conditions. Complaints must therefore be clearly stated on the CMR before signing. Late complaints are not possible. The statement “Subject to reservation” will not appear


  1. In the event of unilateral cancellation of the order by the customer, the customer is obliged to pay a lump sum

agreed compensation of 25 % of the value of the total order, without prejudice to higher damage demonstrable by our company, and this by operation of law and without notice of default. For custom work, the agreed lump sum compensation is 50 % of the value of the total order.

  1. We reserve the right to charge for the goods upon delivery, even if only partial.
    1. The sold goods remain the property of Flexfurn until full payment of the sales price in principal and accessories. In the event of resale, Flexfurn reserves the option to claim the sum corresponding to the value of the goods resold. The retention of title is transferred to the resale price. Once the goods have been delivered, the buyer bears all risks, including cases of force majeure and destruction, and the burden of custody. Non-payment of any amounts due on the due date may result in the reclaiming of the goods. Paid advances are retained by us for costs and interest.
    1. The retention of title also applies to goods that we may have deposited or consigned to be sold on our behalf.
    1. Drawing and/or accepting bills of exchange or other negotiable documents does not imply novation and does not constitute a deviation from the terms and conditions of sale.
  1. The price and all obligations arising from these terms and conditions of sale must be complied with by the person who placed the order. If, at the request of the orderer, the invoice is issued in the name of a third party, the orderer remains jointly and severally liable to our company with the third party.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, our invoices are payable in cash at the registered office of our company or into our bank account. Our agents and/or representatives are therefore not allowed to accept or sign payments as paid without the express permission of our company.
  3. Failure to pay an invoice on the due date will make all amounts still due immediately due, regardless of the agreed or permitted payment terms.
  4. If a partial delivery is not paid for on the due date, we reserve the right to retain the balance

cancel orders.

  1. In the event of failure to pay one or more invoices within the specified period, compensation equal to 10% will be applied automatically and without notice for all outstanding claims with a minimum of € 125.00. This compensation is stipulated as a lump sum compensation for our extrajudicial expenses and additional costs of credit opening, except for higher demonstrable damage. In addition, interest equal to 1% per month will be due automatically and without notice from the due date. Issuing a bill of exchange to the buyer does not affect this provision.
  2. The most recent price list always replaces all previous price lists. Quotations or offers that have not yet been accepted in writing by the seller are therefore considered non-existent and will only be processed in accordance with the new prices.
  3. We reserve the right to correct any errors in the price list and to change our prices at any time. Our stated prices are always exclusive of VAT and transport costs.
  4. Any form of publicity for our products is prohibited without the prior written consent of Flexfurn.
  5. Any invoice will be considered accepted in the absence of a written and precise complaint within 3 working days of receipt of the goods.
  6. All our commercial transactions are governed exclusively by Belgian law.
  7. All legal actions relating to these invoices or contracts fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of the district of our registered office. However, the seller can also bring legal proceedings before the court of the debtor's place of residence.
  8. The warranty is granted for a period of 1 year on manufacturing defects, unless otherwise stated in the catalogue, starting from the date of delivery. The guarantee is only granted insofar as the delivered goods have been used in a normal manner in accordance with the instructions for use of the good sold, and is in any case limited to repair or replacement of the product or its counter value, without the compensation changing the current and actual value of the product. in question may exceed. The guarantee lapses by operation of law if the product is modified. Any notice of default must be given in writing and by registered mail within three days of the event that gave rise to it. The guarantee lapses by operation of law if Flexfurn was not given the opportunity to assess the product in question.

The stated warranty periods are degressive, ie during the first year the warranty is full, later a depreciation for use is deducted. For example, with a 5-year warranty, the intervention in the 2nd year is limited to 80% of the value of the product, in the 3rd year to 60%, in the 4th year to 40%, ... etc.

* Price list subject to printing and typographical errors.