Flow Collection

Give your space a trendy and stylish accent with the Flow collection. This collection of aluminum table frames is the perfect furniture for indoor and outdoor use. The Flow collection is a high-end, in-house developed collection with the focus on elegance and functionality.

No more stress and groans when you start working with a screw and screwdriver again, get rid of that farce! The Flow collection has a built-in screw system that allows you to assemble your table in an instant. View them here!

Flow Grande

Add a trendy and functional standing table to your interior as an eye-catcher. This innovative folding table is a high-end, in-house developed product, equipped with all functionalities. The adjustable feet ensure that your table stands firmly even on uneven surfaces. Thanks to the handy screw system, you can attach the different table tops without tools! Thanks to the ingenious design, you can fold the table legs for easy transport and storage. The table will not open again during transport due to the safety screws in the screw system.

Do you place the table outside, or would you rather put it inside? The choice is completely yours! The aluminum frame always remains rust-free. It is the perfect indoor and outdoor table. Do you want a wooden look outside, but do you want to use the table inside with a white top? That's also possible! The table tops are interchangeable and you can easily adapt them for indoor and outdoor use.

Do you like this table? The frame is available in black or white color.

Flow Dinner

Are you looking for a trendy and functional dining table? Then you are in the right place at the Flow dining table. Thanks to its timeless design, it brightens up the entire room! Make it easy for yourself with the Flow dining table. Thanks to this folding table, dismantling becomes child's play! You can fold or unfold the table in an instant. The screw system ensures that the table legs cannot suddenly unfold during transport.

Enjoy lunch in the sun, or in front of a warm stove. Thanks to the adjustable feet, your table fits well on any surface. The stainless aluminum table frame can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can also fully adapt the look and feel to your interior. Because you can easily change the Flow table tops.

The frame is available in white or black.

Flow Transport cart

Do you want to store and transport your Flow tables quickly and easily? Then this transport cart could mean something to you! The Flow transport cart takes care of the transport, storage and protection of your tables.

Store up to 8 Flow tables in this transport cart. The transport cart is equipped with swivel wheels with brakes and 2 fixed wheels. This allows her to easily roll the tables to the correct destination. We deliver the transport cart assembled (and filled) to you!