Fly Collection

The Fly Collection is a refined combination of form and function, designed for versatility and elegance in any environment. This three-legged table boasts beautifully rounded legs, enhancing its aesthetic appeal with clean lines and contemporary design.

Fly Characteristics

The standout feature of these tables lies in their nestable design. The table top folds effortlessly, allowing multiple tables to be nested, for efficient storage and easy transportation. This practical design not only maximizes space, but also adds an element of convenience to your setup. Clean lines, modern design and an atmosphere of elegance make this table ideal as a cocktail table for receptions.

Its modern appearance creates a refined atmosphere that promotes meetings and conversations. In addition to receptions, this table also fits seamlessly into the outdoor environment, making it the perfect patio table for a pleasant conversation. The nestable feature means you can easily customize the setup to suit the occasion, making it a versatile addition to your furniture collection.