Kasar Collection

An ergonomic event chair or bar stool that is also stackable. The Kasar collection is the perfect match. 

A lightweight of its kind, polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass, with a soft but stylish design. The Kasar collection contains ergonomic stacking chairs and bar stools that you can use for every business and event application. In addition, this line is fire resistant and 100% recyclable. From now on you can combine functional and elegant with the Kasar (bar) chairs.

Kasar Barstool

The stackable Kasar bar stool is a light bar stool made of polypropylene and, like the Kasar chair, reinforced with fiberglass. It is a maintenance-friendly bar stool that is cleaned quickly and easily. Due to its UV-resistant nature, discoloration is kept within limits. Thanks to its stylish and soft design, the Kasar bar chair is suitable for any occasion. The ergonomic and comfortable design ensures that no cushions are needed to sit comfortably!

The weight makes this bar stool special. At 5.5 kg it's a real lightweight. Easily stack the Kasar bar stool up to 25 pieces high and store them safely in the accompanying transport cart.

The Kasar bar stool is available in white and black.

Kasar stacking chair

The Kasar stacking chair is a high-end, in-house developed product, equipped with all functionalities for indoor and outdoor use. There is an opening for water drainage, a UV-resistant factor so that the chair does not discolor and is made from the easy-care material: polypropylene. Moreover, it is a very durable chair, so it is 100% recyclable. And don't forget: it has been ergonomically tested and approved!

Partly thanks to its ergonomic seating comfort, no cushion is needed to sit comfortably. At 3 kg, it is a real lightweight that can be easily moved. Thanks to the accompanying transport cart, you can stack and transport the Kasar even easier and super ergonomic!

The Kasar chair is available in white and black color.

Kasar Transport Carts

The Kasar (bar) chairs are quick and easy to store and move with the accompanying transport cart. The cart is delivered assembled and filled. This way, the (bar) chairs can immediately be stored and protected safely and carefully.

The Kasar transport cart is equipped with 4 vulcanized wheels with a diameter of 8-10 cm, 2 swivel wheels with brakes and 2 fixed wheels.

You can easily stack the Kasar bar chair up to 25 high, the Kasar stacking chair up to 30 high.