Rimini Lounge

Create your own lounge set

Designed for outdoor spaces, the Rimini Lounge set seamlessly combines comfort and aesthetics. The sleek design and durable construction make it a perfect addition to any outdoor space, while the modular structure offers flexibility in setup and ease of use.

Rimini lounge construction set

The Rimini Lounge is, as it were, a do-it-yourself construction kit for adults. Using a universal and modular basic element, you can build a lounge set according to your wishes or occasion. Place the basic elements against, or separately from, each other depending on the desired setting. Connect the base elements to the coupling piece and attach the back and armrests with ease. Finish with water and dirt-repellent cushions and the enjoyment can begin. With its high-quality 100% polyester outer fabric and soft cushion, the Rimini offers both durability and comfort, ensuring a pleasant experience in any outdoor environment. Want to set up your lounge set in just a snap? that's the Rimini lounge!


Produced using gas-assisted injection molding, this set seamlessly combines strength with lightweight functionality. Made from original polypropylene (PP) material, reinforced with fiberglass for improved durability and longevity, the set ensures long-lasting performance even in outdoor environments. Each part undergoes an anti-static and antioxidant treatment, which provides protection against dust, static electricity, acid rain and rust. Available in two colours: white and coffee colour.

Rimini seat cushions

The Rimini seat cushions are covered with 100% polyester fabric, specifically designed for outdoor use. This high-quality polyester fabric can withstand outdoor conditions and provides long-lasting durability. In addition, it has water-repellent and UV-resistant properties, making it ideal for exposure to rain and sunlight. In addition, the set has high-quality foam rubber in the upholstery, which provides exceptional comfort and support. The foam retains its shape over time, providing users with a comfortable seating experience.