Stacking chairs

Stacking chairs are perfect for any event and business application. That's why they come in all colors and sizes. Whether you want a sleek, modern look or a slightly more traditional and rustic feel, we have chairs for every occasion. Thanks to our wide range, there is something for everyone.

Stacking chairs are designed to stack safely and easily. This makes it easy to store the chairs in a warehouse. With us you will also find a transport cart for every stacking chair, so you can transport your chairs quickly and easily.

Whether you are looking for a functional chair for outdoors or a modern and stylish model for indoors, we have you covered.

Express delivery

Ordered before 12 AM, delivery within 2 working days (BENELUX); 4 working days (DE, FR, UK).

Delivery in EU / UK

We can deliver products throughout Europe and the UK.