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Stackable Foldable Flexible Multifunctional Transportable Durable Ergonomic furniture

The specialist in event, catering and project furniture

Welcome to Flexfurn, where we transform your space with a touch of magic! Whether you have a large-scale event, a cozy café, or a vibrant office. We deliver innovative and stylish furniture solutions that are not only practical, but also quickly and easily adaptable. Discover the art of flexible furnishing and give your place a unique character.

Flexfurn is your partner for stylish and practical furniture:

  • Stackable, foldable and/or nestable
  • Easy to transport
  • Fresh colors and sleek designs
  • Multifunctional and convenient

Functional furniture for every event and business application.

Why choose flexfurn?

Flexfurn wants to offer added value to its customers and therefore develops solution-oriented products. We want to inspire and create magical moments.

Express delivery

Ordered before 12 AM, delivery within 2 working days (BENELUX); 4 working days (DE, FR, UK).

Internal repair service

Our professionals are ready to maintain or repair your Flexfurn products.

Innovation & Design

We pride ourselves on our innovative and practical designs.

We go one step further

We can deliver products throughout Europe and the UK.

Stay informed

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