A company canteen or company restaurant is more than just a place where employees spend their lunch breaks. It is a central space in an organization where employees & colleagues come together, relax and recharge. A well-designed and managed company canteen has a positive impact on the working atmosphere, employee health and productivity.

With Flexfurn, turn your canteen into a vibrant meeting place where everyone immediately feels at home. The design of your canteen creates an atmosphere and conviviality and also has a major effect on the productivity, well-being and mood of your staff. Therefore, choose stylish, comfortable and unique canteen chairs and further decorate your canteen with accessories that enhance the atmosphere.

By ensuring a healthy, hospitable and functional environment in the canteen, a company can contribute to the well-being of its employees and improve the overall work culture. A company canteen is not only a place to eat, but also a place to be together.

We are happy to assist you with advice and show you the possibilities in 3D. Our project team takes full control of your project from A to Z. This way you can focus on your work & organization. Flexfurn does the rest!

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Design and Furnishing

Choose comfortable and cozy furniture. Try to create a relaxation area by installing a lounge corner and providing some relaxation options, such as table football, ping-pong table or a real bar. Go for soothing colors. They create a feeling of peace, which your employees can certainly use! Did you know that green is the ideal color to induce a calming feeling? Alternate high and low tables to create dimension.

Avoid too many people eating in the same place. Eating with 50 people in a small space, does that sound relaxing to you? Create spaces within the canteen. This way your employees spread out, which provides sufficient space and thus contributes to a more pleasant atmosphere. Also think about introverts, the canteen is not always about being social. Above all, it should be a relaxing space where everyone feels good and where the group feeling and good mutual cooperation are strengthened.

Natural light

Provide plenty of natural light, no one wants to sit under fluorescent lights all day.

We suggest

Make sure that your canteen really invites you to take a well-deserved break. Our furniture recommendations for a canteen:

The Kasar collection

The Kasar collection is the ergonomic (bar) chair collection from Flexfurn. These chairs are perfect for allowing your employees to enjoy their (lunch) break comfortably.

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The Palm collection

Create a relaxing atmosphere with the Palm collection. It is the only stackable PE rattan collection on the market. Thanks to the stacking chairs and pouffes, your employees can enjoy a cozy lounge area. You can complete the look with the matching Palm bar stools.

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The Salt and Flow collection

These table collections include both high tables and dining tables. Thanks to the special frames, your canteen gets a fun and unique look. Moreover, they are made at an ideal height to combine with the Kasar collection.

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