Conference room

A well-designed meeting room is the hub of effective communication, collaboration and decision-making within a company. It is the place where teams come together, ideas are exchanged, strategies are discussed and plans are made. A well-appointed meeting room makes a significant contribution to the success of an organization.

At Flexfurn we know that every meeting is different and that your space must be able to adapt to every situation. That's why we have suitable furniture solutions that can effortlessly adapt to the number of people, while leaving enough space to move freely.

A well-designed meeting room can improve meeting efficiency, increase employee and customer engagement, and contribute to a company's success. Investing in a quality meeting room is an investment in the future growth and innovation of an organization. Are you ready to bring flexibility and comfort together for ultimate productivity?

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Seating comfort

It is best to provide meeting rooms with soft and comfortable chairs, so that you can focus without distraction during long meetings. Because let's be honest, a chair that is too hard can cause you to only think about how “badly” you are sitting, instead of focusing on the meeting.


The arrangement of your tables can also make a big difference. You want everyone to be able to participate in the meeting, so everyone must be easily approachable. You do this through smart table placements. Therefore, choose flexible tables that you can easily move and store. Depending on the number of participants, you can also change the table shape. Round tables encourage interaction, but when you meet with a larger group it is better to opt for rectangular tables that are arranged in a U-shape. If you also use your meeting room for training and education, you can arrange the tables in such a way that a school style makes it possible to follow along comfortably.

To complete your meeting room, add some greenery, inspiring art and of course a screen or whiteboard. This way you create a pleasant and warm atmosphere within your meeting room!