Seminar room

A seminar room is an essential part of a company and provides a special environment for education, training and knowledge transfer. The design and functionality of a seminar room plays a critical role in promoting effective learning experiences and supporting an organization's business objectives.

A seminar room is often used polyvalently. The facility must therefore adapt quickly. Therefore, provide different designs in advance, adapted to the different functions, sufficient space per person (min. 2 m²) and sufficient space to move tables. Make it easy for yourself by investing in flexible and functional furniture.

You already knew that comfortable and ergonomic furniture is conducive to a seminar. No one can pay attention in an uncomfortable chair, but the flexibility and functionality of the furniture can also save you headaches.

We are happy to assist you with advice and show you the possibilities in 3D. Our project team takes full control of your project from A to Z. This way you can focus on your work & organization. Flexfurn does the rest!

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Comfortable and functional

The design depends on the purpose: create different setups for different applications, from formal to informal, from business to fun. U-shape, block layout, school style or a standing meeting? Each brings a different atmosphere and boosts creativity or allows you to make decisions faster and easier.

Think about details

Think about the details: provide a screen for your presentation and a whiteboard or flipchart for interaction. Arrange the room in such a way that everyone can see clearly. Also introduce some plants. In addition to being pleasant and healthy, plants also dampen sound, which benefits the acoustics. Have you thought about the lighting? Lighting creates atmosphere, but too bright lights create an unpleasant, clinical atmosphere, while too soft light is sleep-inducing.

We suggest

A seminar room should be designed with the specific purpose of learning and knowledge sharing in mind. Flexibility is important, as this space must be adaptable to different types of seminars, workshops and presentations. This can be achieved through the use of movable chairs and tables so that the space can be adapted to the needs of each specific occasion. Our recommendations?

The Kasar collection

You can't go wrong with our Kasar collection. This light stacking chair is ergonomically approved. The comfortable design makes your participants comfortable for hours.

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The Flow and Salt collection

Spacious folding tables with plenty of legroom that form a perfect and elegant seminar table. They are spacious enough to accommodate a laptop and a notepad.

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