Reception area

The reception area is the hospitable heart of the organization. It is the place where you first meet your visitors, customers and employees. The design and furnishing of this space are therefore crucial, because they reflect the culture and values of the company and leave a lasting impression or experience.

Flexfurn helps you create an efficient reception area with practical and flexible furniture. We also advise you on how you can ensure a hospitable and inviting design. Because an ideal reception room requires not only stylish, but also practical furniture. The use of flexible furniture that is adaptable allows your company to transform your reception area into a reception area for an evening drink or networking moment in the blink of an eye.

Do you have no idea how to transform your reception room into a cozy welcome room? Then you have come to the right place! The first impression people get of your company is very important, and it can have a lasting impact on the relationship one has with that company.

We are happy to assist you with advice and show you the possibilities in 3D. Our project team takes full control of your project from A to Z. This way you can focus on your work & organization. Flexfurn does the rest!

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Design and Furnishing

The reception area should be inviting and professional. The design and furnishings must match the branding and aesthetics of the company. This includes color schemes, logos and visual elements that reinforce the organization's identity. There should be comfortable chairs and tables for waiting visitors, supplemented with art or other decorative elements.

Plants, greenery and natural light

Placing houseplants and greenery in the reception area can not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also contribute to a relaxing and healthy atmosphere. Plants purify the air and add a touch of nature to the room. Using natural light in the reception area can create a positive atmosphere. And definitely remember to play music that suits your company!

We suggest

The smart use of the reception area is an investment in both operational efficiency and the overall visitor experience. Which collections and appearance of the reception area fits perfectly with your company philosophy? There are two collections that you can never go wrong with. We've listed them for you.

The Conic collection

Most people like to sit down for a while while waiting. Then it would be nice if they could sit down for a while in a comfortably furnished lounge area. Give your reception room a modern look with the Conic collection, easy to install and move.

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The Palm collection

If you want to radiate a warm and friendly atmosphere, use the Palm collection. It is the only stackable PE rattan collection on the market. Thanks to the stacking chairs and pouffes, you can create a cozy lounge corner. You can complete the look with the matching Palm bar stools.

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